Collection: REYMONT | Meta I Crystal TPD Available Mesh Coil 600

There is a pure beauty diamond in the distant ancient Greek culture
It is believed to be the tears of the gods and fragments of the stars
Rarity, clarity, sturdiness, and eternity are synonymous with it
When it fell, it became Reymont Meta I

All the romantic moments in life are worthy of being treasured by us
Compose a beautiful chapter with your lover and explore your pure self...
The light that shines through these tiny moments
Will last as long as the Meta I you vaped at that moment

Turning the old diamonds into a beautiful Meta I in hands 
Brilliant vapes from every experience
They all carry deep roots and hold unique meanings
Pass on exclusive memories

Elegant and gradient stainless steel
Interact with diamond-like acrylic tube
Achieve beautiful and charming aesthetic design

Stars will speak,
the stone, will blossom,
through the summer and winter snow fence after, Meta I will arrive.

A Meta I Lasts forever
Pass through the gate of time, let's enjoy the wonderful journey brought by Reymont Meta I.